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Gaining from Growth: the final report of the Commission on Living Standards

Our Final Report

'Gaining from Growth' is the Commission's final report, published on 31 October 2012.
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The report is free to download, for home printing (A4 size), iPad or Kindle:

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Press Coverage

Urgent action urged for middle earners
Sarah Neville, Financial Times

Benefits of economic growth ‘could leave millions far behind’
Kathryn Hopkins, The Times

Britain stands at equality crossroads, according to landmark report
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Living standards squeeze: Britain's 10 years of economic gloom - interactive
Tom Clark and Duncan Clark, The Guardian

Can the gap between living costs and wages be fixed?
Allegra Stratton, BBC News

Can a tide rise - with all boats?
Stephanie Flanders, BBC News

We are all in the chorus of Dystopia Limited
Philip Collins, The Times

As our bank balances get smaller, our thinking needs to get bigger
Tom Clark, The Guardian

UK recovery must not be just for the few
Gavin Kelly, Financial Times

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Interactive Features

Where do I stand?

Where do I stand?

Discover how UK income is spread out and where you stand economically in relation to other UK households