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This chart uses data from a large government survey called the ‘Family Resources Survey’. It works by comparing the data you enter to the incomes of other households in the UK, to see where you stand in the UK population.

Because the size of your household matters a lot for your living standards, the chart is based on ‘equivalised incomes’. Equivalised incomes are a way of comparing the living standards of households of different sizes. For example, a single person on £40,000 a year will have a much higher equivalised income than a family of four on the same income.

For that reason, when comparing your own living standards to those of other people, the chart calculates your equivalised income from the data you enter. That’s why the income you entered may not align to the income shown for you on the chart - and why, as you have more children, your position on the chart will fall, representing a decline standard of living in material terms.

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The yellow figures represent case studies of four different families in the UK based on real income data - click on them to reveal full details.