Commission on Living Standards

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  • Charts
    Additional charts of information about the long-term economic trends that are changing the nature of life on low-to-middle income in modern Britain, from jobs and pay to the cost of living and family working patterns.
  • Events archive
    The Resolution Foundation hosted a variety of high profile events which contributed to the Commission on Living Standards.
  • Final report
    Millions of households are heading for a long period of stagnant living standards unless bold steps are taken to ensure that growth over the next decade is broadly shared. Even with a return to steady growth, it’s now entirely possible living standards for a large swath of low and middle households will be no higher by 2020 than they were in 2000. Yet actions can be taken to alter this course.
  • Publications
    Resolution Foundation publications go into more depth on the state of working Britain and the conditions for households on low and middle incomes. We allow anyone access to our content electronically without charge, and aim to encourage circulation of our work as widely as possible without affecting the ownership of the copyright, which remains with the Foundation, the copyright holder.